I was skeptical trying to find a handyman, and after leaving a few messages on a Sunday afternoon, these guys called me back 2 mins later. They apologized for the delay even, saying that their front office was closed for the weekend and he was currently on a job site. Andrew (I think?) was professional, efficient, and even gave me his cell to text (per my request). I was looking for a ceiling fan removal and install, and he quoted me a reasonable price and said he had a spot open the next day’s afternoon!

I confirmed and then later realized that I had a Dr appointment at the same time, so I text him again and he easily accommodated my scheduling error and scheduled me with his partner for the next morning. Meir showed up on time, and was very polite, quick and kind. I asked him if he knew a good plumber recommendation and he said “oh, we can do that. We do it all.” I proceeded to show him a slow draining sink that he was able to fix in minutes. I then pushed it and showed him a small garage door issue that needed repair, to see if he was able to do it another day. He checked it out and ran back to his car for more supplies and quickly screwed together and fixed the wonky panel. I was expecting to look for a plumber and a garage door repair company this week, and pay them each a few hundred to at least estimate what the repairs would cost. He got it all done in one visit (quickly!) and even told me his recommendations to get a few things from a hardware store, that I could easily do to help these fixes further in the future (caulking, some additional drain cleaner etc.). These guys were so good, it’s almost unbelievable.

Their service was so efficient, kind, quick and reasonably priced that I am amazed they fixed 3 issues in ONE visit with ONE company that I have been stressing about getting done for weeks. I have already thought of a few more repairs around my house that I would like to invite them back to fix. I highly recommend them!!

Karen E. from Yelp

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