Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s also one of the areas of any home that age at a pace more rapidly than other rooms. This is largely due to a constantly changing style of finishes and trends that update every few years. For this reason we generally recommend staying away from trendy styles and sticking with timeless styles and designs that will stay in fashion for years to come. Our team can also recommend and complete minor changes that make a significant impact.

The right style and design combination between update and renovate can offer a luxurious look without breaking the bank. Through our bidding and consultation we take the time to understand what you want to achieve from your bathroom remodeling project and provide you with the best options and course of action to get the final results you want, without sacrificing time or money. At 702 Services our highly skilled team are able to go above and beyond what most general contractors are willing to do to ensure your complete satisfaction with the project.

Demolition & Preparation

When it comes to remodeling your home there is a short phase for demolition and preparation that will be necessary to ensure the final result is of the best quality. It is during this phase that you will begin to see the transition of your bathroom take place. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that the demolition phase happens as quickly, and quietly as possible, minimizing the inconvenience on you and your family. Depending on the scope of work we may remove old tiles, walls, tubs, cabinets, and toilets. Each piece will be removed with care and precision, ensuring that demolition materials are kept within the smallest area possible.

After demolition is complete the area will be prepared for installation of your new materials and finishes. Again, depending on the surfaces, materials, and changes being undertaken, this could mean building walls, changing the configuration of your shower, faucets or fixtures. It is our goal to take the time necessary to establish the best foundation for your final bathroom design. For this reason you will notice that our team works diligently, scrutinizing the prepared area for even the smallest of inconsistencies.

A lot goes into the remodeling of your residential bathroom. From planning to completion 702 Services can take care of it all. We do it all from top to bottom, without the need to hire out subcontractors that hike up the bill and increase your project timeline.

Some of the areas we focus on in your bathroom remodel include:

  • Cabinets & Counter Tops
  • Backsplash & Tiles
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Layout Changes
  • Sheetrock, Mud & Texturing Walls
  • Moving & Removing Walls
  • Electrical & Plumbing Changes
  • Sinks, Faucets & Fixtures
  • Flooring of All Types
  • Tape Off & Paint


One big difference between our team and other handymen and general contractors is that we are fine with finishing your DIY project.

We will gladly use your materials, fixtures, and finishes to complete a project you have already started.

Our Process

At 702 Services we offer a level of professionalism and quality service unmatched in the Las Vegas area. As a handyman company we offer a competitive pricing, without sacrificing quality. When you contact our team we will provide you with a free estimate for the renovations of your bathroom. Your design will be carefully selected and based on measurements, the right volume of finishes will be ordered, including average breakage, to complete your project. Once a delivery date is established on the building materials, your installation will be scheduled. Every step will be carefully communicated with you, to ensure that you have the most positive building and renovation experience during your light construction project.

Bathroom Installation

Armed with your building materials in hand, the 702 Services team makes bathroom material installations a snap. Whatever materials need to be removed, we will be sure to remove them properly and completely, and clear the removed materials. Preparing the area prior to installation is key to ensuring that your final results are stunning. Then finally, all materials will be meticulously installed, paying great detail to their direction, lines, and final level. The end result is nothing short of beautiful.

Start your bathroom remodeling project today. Contact 702 Services to get your Free Estimate today.

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