A backsplash adds a level of depth and luxury to any surface. Ideal for wall spaces directly behind any counter top surface, a properly installed backsplash will last for many years to come. Pairing the color combination and style of your surface to the backsplash is a true artform, much like the seamless attachment of the two. When you want to install a backsplash in your kitchen, bathroom, or bar, contact the professionals at 702 Services to install or replace it properly.

Having backsplash stacked stones, tiles, or other luxury finishes installed during your home build or update adds value and aesthetic appeal to your home or business. At 702 Services our skilled and experienced team of handymen are able to properly install your backsplash surface. This means that your tiles will be aligned evenly and flatly, and the finished look will be something that will last the test of time.

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