Top Reasons To Remodel Bathrooms


One of the best ways to breathe new life into a house is to remodel your bathroom. A remodel does not need to involve demolishing your bathroom altogether — merely changing your vanity or shower may greatly improve the design and feel of your bathroom. Of course, you may also elect to pull everything out and begin from fresh. It all depends on what you’re seeking to achieve and, more crucially, your budget. We will give you a list of the top reasons our customers remodel their bathrooms.

1. Fix any existing problems

Over time, most bathrooms encounter water leaks, which lead to decaying flooring and mold issues; this is probably the number one reason our customers want to remodel their bathrooms. If you fear that your tiles are loose or if you have leaky fittings, you should consider contemporary tapware, such as what we offer at 702 Services, in your remodeling. This will help you prevent any possible difficulties related to leakage.

2. Increase your storage space

We find many customers remodel their bathrooms solely to enhance their storage space. The best way to go about achieving this is to add our collection of beautiful bathroom cabinets to your bathroom. Not only do these useful cabinets provide you with more storage space and boost the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom, but if you select mirrored cabinets, you gain added utility.

3. Update the style of your bathroom

If you just have gotten bored of your bathroom and are ready to give it a remodel. This may simply be done by installing new tiles or by adding decorations to your bathroom. To give your bathroom a fashionable appearance, just chat to one of our salespeople, and we will be pleased to provide some wonderful ideas to rebuild your bathroom into something modern and fresh – without having to start from scratch.

4. Increase the resale value of your house

One of the major advantages of upgrading your bathroom is that it will boost the market value of your property. One strategy to stand out from the competition and assure a speedy sale is to remodel your bathroom — without overcapitalizing. Properties with contemporary or refurbished bathrooms tend to sell at a greater price than homes with antiquated bathrooms. A new bathroom not only helps you to enjoy your bathroom, but it also acts as a terrific investment.

5. Include more useful elements

We have a variety of bathroom goods available for purchase, including shower screens, bathroom basins, and shower bases, all of which will provide an air of practicality to your lavatory. Renovating your bathroom may help make it more useful, which is beneficial if you have a busy home with many people who use the bathroom on a regular basis.

6. Achieve greater efficiency in the use of energy

There is a constant growth in the number of people who are becoming more environmentally concerned. This is not one of the primary reasons why We discover customers wishing to remodel their bathroom, but the number of such people is increasing. Your bathroom’s energy efficiency may be significantly improved by installing high-quality goods from our collection of bathroom accessories, such as water-saving fixtures, low-flow toilet suites, and radiant flooring. In addition, you may replace your windows with modern ones, which will enhance ventilation and get rid of the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

7. Make your bathroom a more secure environment

Increasing the level of safety in your bathroom should be one of the first considerations in deciding whether or not to remodel it. This is particularly true if you have small children as I do. In point of fact, the majority of accidents that occur in a person’s house take place in the bathroom; nevertheless, many mishaps may be prevented by making a few simple adjustments. To make your bathroom more secure, you may make the entrances larger, install flooring that is resistant to slipping, and install shower screens, all of which are things that we sell.

There are several factors to consider while deciding whether or not to remodel your bathroom, the most important of which is your primary objective for the project. If you are concerned about the prices of remodeling, you will be relieved to learn that it is possible to remodel your bathroom even on a limited budget if you choose to buy products from us. 

We have a large variety of bathroom supplies available to choose from, and our entire warehouse stock of high-quality home renovation goods is worth more than one million dollars. Our product line encompasses a wide variety of items, some of which are as follows: bathroom accessories, bathroom vanities, tapware, toilet suites, bathtubs, shower screens, basins, floor tiles, cabinets, and wall units. We have goods available that may fulfill your requirements for bathroom remodeling while staying inside your price range, no matter what those requirements may be. If you come to our showroom, you’ll be able to walk out the door with merchandise in hand since we maintain our warehouses filled to the brim with products.

Get in contact with us so that one of our knowledgeable servicemen may have a conversation with you about how to proceed with the renovation of your bathroom. We are more than pleased to be of assistance to you in any manner that we can.

When remodeling your bathroom, there are several exciting things to consider. There are a few things to think about before going to the current bathtub design or tiling. Size, arrangement, design, finish, and other factors must all be carefully considered.

Bathroom remodeling projects may be time-consuming and complex, so you should be certain of every choice you make. Here are a few things to consider before transforming your bathroom into your ideal environment.

1. Budget 

A predetermined budget can assist you in determining what you want to include in your redesign. With a clear concept of what you have to spend, you may begin to subtract from the labor budget.

2. Flow of Work

By doing bathroom remodeling in a certain sequence, you may save a significant amount of time and labor. If you wish to sand or paint the room, you must start at the top. To safeguard your new fixtures, replace the ceiling first, then the walls, and lastly, the floor.

3. Date and time

Many individuals believe that redesigning a tiny bathroom will only take a few days or, at the very least, much less time than remodeling a bigger bathroom. While this is sometimes true, it is not always the case. If you need to change more than one item, the procedure is comparable to a larger-scale project. Furthermore, during the planning phases, you must determine the length of the remodeling work as well as the order and purchase of custom cabinets to ensure that it is feasible. Taking a bath or shower while the bathroom is being deconstructed is also difficult for individuals who just have one bathroom.

4. Bathroom Problems

It’s a good idea to go through a thorough remodeling plan that encompasses the space’s past troubles before conducting a significant makeover to your bathroom. Hiring specialists to assist with renovations may reduce the likelihood of issues emerging, but they may still exist. Water damage to the floor, defective plumbing, corroded fixtures, non-waterproof tub or floor/wall tiles, leaking connections, or poor bathroom ventilation capabilities might be the source of your home’s most serious concealed issue. 

5. Style and Functionality

Before deciding on the fixtures for your bathroom, consider how you want it to look. There are various things to consider, such as paint colors, tiles, showers, vanities, and tubs, among others. The findings might be perplexing after some time and inquiry. You may choose a particular element and then use it to construct the rest of the design, or you can put together the pieces you like into an overall aesthetic for the area. Functionality and design should go hand in hand, and if you want to resell your home, consider how the design will function for others. Water monitoring and recycling systems, for example, may help you become green while also increasing consumer interest.

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