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From initial checks to hazard prevention, 702 Services is the only company you need to call for all your light electrical issues in Las Vegas. We routinely are requested to look at faulty power outlets, switches, and wiring. We are well versed in installing power into newly built walls and islands. Our team can install ceiling fans and light fixtures quickly and with precision. Regardless of your electrical needs, we are the only call you need to make.

Common Electrical Problems We Help Fix

To white electric outlets

Flickering Lights
The most likely cause is loose wiring. Identifying where the loose wiring is located along the electrical line and eliminating other, more major reasons for the flickering light is essential. Properly troubleshooting flickering lights can help ensure that the problem is resolved completely.

Buzzing Dimmer Switches
The buzzing sound emitted by outdated or failing dimmer switches can be more than a nuisance. Having 702 Services upgrade or replace your dimmer switches can help to resolve this issue completely. Our team will meticulously examine your electrical system to assure no larger or more major issues are behind this minor electrical issue.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping
Circuit breakers trip to prevent overloading your overall electrical system. At 702 Services our team will check your electrical system, ensuring that this seamingly straightforward fix isn’t being caused by a larger, more significant issue hidden within your electrical system. We check the wiring to guarantee your safety, and the safety of your family.

In Las Vegas we are the ideal handyman to service all your electrical issues. Offering fast, affordable service that’s thorough and complete, we will take the time to explain the repair or replacement options available to you. Additionally, we provide firm estimates and guarantee 100% satisfaction in all the work we perform. It is our mission to get the job done right, the first time, for your peace of mind.

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